Imelda Hasibuan

Chef & Restaurant Manager, Living Food Lab Bali
Imelda Hasibuan is the restaurant manager at Living Food Lab Bali, and due to her love for food and skill in cooking, you can often find her in the kitchen filling in the chef's role.
She was born and raised in North Sumatra, Indonesia, studied at the Academy Secretary and Management Indonesia (ASMI) in Jakarta, and was drawn to Bali by its sheer beauty in 2011. At Living Food Lab, she enjoys interacting with all of the guests, especially the regulars, who eventually turn into friends. A multi-talented woman who handles operations, HR, accounting and all logistical issues, she is at home in the kitchen, where she exemplifies the LFL motto: Our food is an offering from us to you, made with love and integrity.
Traditional Indonesian cooking methods are generally passed down to Indonesian women within the family. Imelda was a teenager when she began learning how to cook from her mother and grandmother. Today, despite her busy schedule at Living Food Lab, she still enjoys preparing food for her son and daughter everyday. Imelda started to teach cooking classes at Living Food Lab in 2019 under Pauliina Salmenhaara's supervision.
Today, she regularly leads a Vegan Indonesian cooking class, which teaches the various elements of a traditional nasi campur. Imelda's favourite dishes are Indonesian curries and jackfruit rendang, as she loves soothing, comfort food.
12:00 - 12:55

Wednesday 3 November

Cooking Workshop: Indonesian Delights