Jonathan Edwards

CEO, Nuzest USA

Jonathan Edwards, a leader in the world of vegan nutritional supplements, knows that providing people with delicious vegan alternatives to the animal-derived products that they may currently be using is crucial for creating a kinder world.

As Nuzest’s first-ever sales rep in 2012, Jonathan loved the New Zealand–based brand, and he was so impressed by the public response that he asked the company’s founder, Trevor Bolland, if he could bring its products to the U.S. 

Since then, being in the plant-based industry has transformed him into a vegan on a mission—namely, to create a planet thriving on plant-based nutrition.

Jonathan and Nuzest USA are based in Seattle, and for the last eight years, they’ve been pursuing the goal of making a difference through offering the best quality vegan supplements to the North American Market.

11:15 - 12:10

Monday 1 November

The Importance of Clean Supplements for Your Health & Wellbeing