Latesha Randall

Co-Founder, Raglan Food Co.

Latesha didn't plan to start a food business, she stumbled into it! She was making coconut yoghurt at home to help Seb (her business partner) who has dairy allergies. They wanted to eat a dairy-free diet but didn't want to give up yoghurt as they both love it, so she found an alternative option. She offered a couple of jars to the Raglan locals to buy and had huge demand, and it grew organically from there with more and more people asking for it.

Raglan Food Co are a certified B Corporation and have been Carbon Zero certified for three years which means they track and offset all their emissions, they're part of the Climate Leaders Coalition, packaging in glass jars instead of plastic since they can be infinitely recycled, as well as sponsoring beach-clean ups around the country, planting trees, and donating yoghurt to charities and good causes every week. They are now in over 600 stores!

"I think our values and how we run our company has played a big part in this, as well as our delicious products" says Latesha.

14:50 - 15:25

Wednesday 3 November

How to Build a Successful, Award-Winning and Impact-Driven Business