Vinita Turakhia

Founder Genuinely Not Leather

Vinita Turakhia is the Founder of ‘Genuinely not Leather (GnL)’. She feels passionately about climate change and GnL, her passion project is a culmination of the wealth of experience she gained from over 12 years of working with the banking industry, in customer service and in public policy. GnL is a brand that is built on 3 pillars of respect, consciousness and style.

After completing her Masters degree in Management Studies, Vinita worked within the Banking and Financial Services Industry in Mumbai, India for 10 years. She moved to Hong Kong in 2012 where she worked with the public sector in various roles. These include Operations Manager for the Consular Contact Centre and Economic Diplomacy Officer responsible for policy making. It is here that she learnt about ‘Modern Slavery’ and it’s ill-effects.

Vinita set up GnL in 2019 to bring together her 3 values of respect for the animals, the planet and the people involved in crafting products.

15:00 - 15:35

Tuesday 2 November

The Truth Behind the Hide: Building a Sustainable Fashion Future